Stephanie Colligan, Panther Band Council Member

Screenshot_2016-06-01-01-13-48Stephanie Colligan, is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana and was reared in Beaumont, Texas and now presently resides in Richmond, Texas.
Also, she is a mother of four children (two daughters & two sons ), and 1 granddaughter.
I learned about my heritage from my great-uncle former chief Michael Amos. I have observed our traditions from my father who fed people throughout our community.
I participated in Ancestory.Com, researching my ancestor’s lineage and submitted numerous documents to the Bureau of Indian Affairs to serve as proof of our Genealogical Existence. I am honored to serve as a council member in the efforts of sharing our history and culture to our extended family clan and individuals interested in the Ishak tribe.
I am a lifetime member of the American Federation of Teachers, American Psychological Association, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Certified Crisis Instructor,  Suicide Prevention Specialist and pursuing my credentials to become Board Certified Human Service Practioner ( HS-BCP).
In addition to being a first time author and founder /CEO  of House of Anajat providing services to individuals and families in crisis.
My goal as a council member is to support our mission in seeking opportunities to sustain our communities through self-empowerment.