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Are you a descendant of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation?

For roll documents and information on how to register for the roll, please click the roll documents button or the links  (roll sheet and atakapa-ishak tribe membership for recognition sheet) highlighted in blue below. Completed forms, or questions can be sent to:

Why should you register for the roll?

For the members of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation, it is important that their identity is realized. Those who know who they are have a greater sense of pride and well-being. During the early years of Louisiana history, people were either seen as white, creole, mulatto, or negro, but there was not a category for the Atakapas’. Native Americans were typically considered as any of the above depending on which race they most closely resembled. However, when the French migrated to Louisiana they did recognize the Atakapa-Ishak nation for who they were, Native Americans. The Atakapa-Ishak Nation believes that it does their ancestors an injustice to be recognized as anything else, but who they really are—Atakapa people. Roll Sheet

Seeking federal recognition will help the descendants of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation to honor their ancestors as well as seek scholarships and grants for the youth and benefits for its elderly members.


Today, the Atakapa’s are a mixed heritage people and would like to honor every piece of their lineage. They are confident people, proud of their heritage, and realize who they are. It is now time for the State of Louisiana and the Federal Government to do the same. Additional information regarding the process for Federal Recognition can be seen here: SEVEN CRITERIA FOR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT


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